After 3 years since Go Check In was launched, thousands of nail salons are using the software to manage their customers. The reason why so many people trust Go Check In is because it brings many benefits to their nail salons. Therefore, in order to help you get the most out of Go Check In’s features, from November 2020 we will start sharing the salon owners’ experiences from using the software include some basic knowledge of marketing.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of having customer data, and how to use the data to bring the customers back to the nail salons using Go Check In.

Why do you need the customers’ data?

In the morning, the salon opens to welcome the customers and then closes in the afternoon. That type of business is no longer suitable at this time while the competitors are increasing every day. In the nail industry, with a radius of 5 miles, how many nail salons can you count? In many cases that number can fills both of your hands. Moreover, the number of residents in the area is not increased, but the number of nail salons is increasing constantly with fiercer competitions. Take a look at two typical competitive scenarios occurring anywhere across the United States:

Scenario 1: You are quite confident with yours and the technicians’ skills, but there is a recently opened shop with nice decorations and modern equipment. The competitor also uses different marketing techniques to attract and retain customers. Not only that, the salon has a strong attraction towards your customers, and the customers slowly leave your salon. You want to pull them back but don’t know how, plus, you can’t contact them because you don’t have their information.

Scenario 2: A nail shop in the area changes its owner. The new owner implements many ways to attract customers by using many advertising programs including generous promotions. Your customers are slowly leaving your salon. Thus, you want to pull them back but cannot because you don’t have any information about them.

Even if there is no new salon opened or changed its owner in your area, under the pressure of daily competition as well as the desire to continuously connect with the customers, you still need to keep in contact with them. Some typical examples to stay connect with your customers are: wishing them happy birthday, inviting them to review on Google, reminding customers to return to the salon after a while, or sending out special promotions during the holidays … Therefore, you need to have the customer data.

Clearly, if you want to bring customers back to the nail salon faster and more often, you need to be able to communicate with them. To do this, first of all, customer information is needed.

In the nail industry, 3 important customer data that you need to have are: their name, phone number, and birthday. If possible, the data should be extended to: email, mailing address, and social network information. You can also take note of the customers’ habits, hobbies, favorite colors, personality, and which nail technicians they usually want … These are valuable information for you to help manage customers more conveniently in the next time.


customer data


Collect customer data with Go Check In

The first basic feature of Go Check In is to help nail salon owners collecting their customers information. The customers arrive at the salon for the first time will use their phone numbers to check-in. Moreover, they will be asked to provide additional information such as name, date of birth, and email. All this information will be stored in the salon’s database for future communication needs.


customer data

                      The salons should actively invite the customers to check-in into the system every time they visit.


This step seems simple but it’s very important to exploit all the features of Go Check In. If you do not do it, without the customers data, the nail salon cannot effectively use all the feature of this customer management software.

The experience of most salon owners who successfully using Go Check In is to do this as a mandatory procedure. The owner must actively invite, explain, and even make the customers to check-in the system every time they come to the salon. In addition, if the salon has a receptionist to take care of the customers and guide them to do their check-in, then the information will be collected more fully. This is a worthy investment.  


customer data

  Go Check In is like a weapon and customer information is like bullets so the salon’s marketing plan can reach the customers.


Bring customers back to the nail salon using their data

As mentioned above, when the customer data is available, the nail salon owner can use them to interact with their customers for many different purposes. In this section we will discuss one of the purposes: bringing the customers back to the salon. 

Usually, in order to become loyal to the store, the customers have to return for at least 3 times. Of course, during those 3 times, the salon must provide excellent service and satisfy the customers as much as possible. As the customers are getting used to the service, the nail technician, and the salon in general, they will return on their own. However, the main problem is how to make them return after using the service for the first time!?

When the data is available, Go Check In will classify the customers into 3 groups: VIP, Regular, and At Risk, depending on the number of their visits. Not only that, Go Check In will send reminders to the customers after 30, 60, or 90 days to remind them to come back to the salon.


customer data

                             Promotion programs are needed to make the messages sent from Go Check In more attractive.


In order to increase the effectiveness, the reminding messages should come with appropriate promotions or discounts. This is quite important in order for the messages to be more attractive to the customers. By just giving out small discounts, it will help to ensure the number of customers coming to the salon during the competitive time.

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