Marketing ideas for nail salon



You are really good at your nail technique, but you have trouble with the management issue, especially marketing and promotion? If yes, the following marketing ideas for nail salons are for you.

Before getting into the marketing ideas for nail salons, let’s learn about the two basic problems of marketing management. Firstly, you need to let your customers know and remember your nail salon. No matter how wonderful your salon is, if people don’t know about it, then you will not have enough customers to be successful. Therefore, the right marketing ideas and tools not only help the customers to know about your nail salon, but also remember about it when it comes to their beauty needs.

Secondly, you should try to find ways to differentiate your nail salon from the other local nail salons. Of course, it has to be positive differences. The customers will only remember the salon when it is distinct from the others. What makes them remember can be beautiful nail colors and designs, great massage techniques, delicious drink, cozy space, or a dedicate customer service attitude.

Furthermore, in order for the customers to remember your salon, in addition to the things mentioned above, you need to regularly communicate with them and remember to include promotion or discount when needed (for example sending the customer 10% discount with cute message on their birthday.)

The following marketing ideas for nail salons will help solving the two problems mentioned above.

1. Bring your shop online

Did you know that 81% of Americans seek information about the products and services before they go shopping at the store, and 90% of the customers use internet to search for their local stores? Therefore, you should put your salon online, so it can be shown in the customers’ search results. Traditional methods such as posting information on phone books or billboards are not as effective as they used to be. The modern online channels below have almost completely replaced those traditional channels.



Website: is a private online page to provide the salon related information, including video of products, services, price, location guides, and appointment booking… A good website other than having this information is also a powerful tool for the search engine optimization (SEO), which helps to bring your salon to the top of the first page when searching on the information search sites such as Google. In order to have a good website, you should use the service of a professional company.

Google My Business: Over 88% of American use Google to search for information, therefore, the first task to do when you bring your salon online is creating an account on Google My Business. If you are familiar with technology, please follow the instructions here to create an account for your salon.

Facebook: is a social media network used by majority of American today. With more than 223 million active users monthly, Facebook accounts for 63% of the market share of popular social networks in the US. It is forecasted that by 2025 the number of users who use Facebook could reach over 235 million people. Therefore, opening a page for your nail salon on Facebook is a second task to do to help you connecting with the local customers.

By providing information about the location and the type of business (nail salons) when creating your page, you are bringing your salon online, thus, you can appear in the search result with popular keywords: “nail salons nearby”, “Nail salons near me.” You can create your own page according to the instructions here if you have experience about the social media channels.

Instagram: With more than 112 million monthly users, in which 56% of women aged 18 to 35, Instagram is a suitable channel for your nail salon to post beautiful pictures and short clips of the nail arts. Also note that both Instagram and Facebook have the same owner, so you can get a lot of support when posting in these two channels.

Yelp: is an online channel for users to find local businesses which you should not ignore. This is the website that millennial use to search and review before going to any business. Building a strong profile is very important because with the increase of half a star, it can help the salon to get more customers. Let’s start with Yelp for Business Owners if you own a new salon. In case that you buy a salon but do not have an account, use Claiming your Business feature.

The above instructions are very basic to create your “virtual assets.” Please read our upcoming articles in the series “Pocket marketing for nail salons” to effectively build and exploit the above online tools as well as apply marketing techniques to your business.

2. Manage good reviews on social media

Undeniable, online reviews are increasingly important for your business. Up to 82% of customer read online reviews about the products and service before they buy or use the service of the business. If the rating is high, your salon will have more customers. However, over 47% of customers will not use the products or service of the business that has less than 4 stars review.


Marketing ideas for nail salons

When well manage, the bad reviews will decrease significantly. Actual snapshot of a nail salon on Google.


In the nail industry, 3 popular places that customers often leave their reviews and rating after using the service are Google, Facebook, and Yelp. The bad reviews can only change by the people who write them. However, in the service industry, customers dissatisfaction is hard to avoid because of many factors that affect their perception. Another problem is that most salon owners do not have enough time to monitor and manage all the reviews.

The nail salon management software such as Go Check In will help to solve these problems. This software encourages happy customers to write their review and rate the salon on different websites. The bad reviews will be reported back to the salon owners, so they can reply with the appropriate feedback. Thus, the salon’s review situation will be improved after a few months because high rating will help to increase the average rating. Moreover, usually the good reviews will appear first and the bad reviews will be pushed down.


Marketing ideas for nail salons

Go Check In, a powerful tool to manage customers and reviews is being used at Nails of America (NOA). In this picture, Mr. Buu Hien, manager of NOA Nails Bar & Lounge in Houston are talking about the benefits that Go Check In brings to one of the largest nail salons in America.


3. Working with other local businesses

If there is a dental, a gym, a restaurant next to your nail salon or any other stores (except for nail salon), you can partner with them to create business opportunities together. For example, you can negotiate with other business owners to swap out each other’s brochure and business card display locations, or create a combination offer together. In case the affiliate’s customers want to do their nails, they can let the customers know that your salon can give them discounts and vice versa.

4. Referral discounts

In addition to the discount that you offer for other businesses, you can also give out offers to your existing customers when they refer new customers to your nail salon. One great idea to be considered is you can give 5 to 10% off discount to the new customers and your current customers. Not only that, group and family discounts are also needed to attract more customers.

5. Loyalty programs

The cost to bring in new customer usually costs 5 to 7 times more expensive than to retain an existing customer. Therefore, when the customers like the salon’s services, you can give them loyalty cards include some promotions to keep them coming back. Usually they can collect bonus points each time they use the salon’s service or based on the price they paid to redeem points for the next time. In addition, for example if the customer uses the service 5 times, you can give them one time free. Do not forget to send the customers message including a small discount on their birthday.

6. Promotions

Everyone wants to get good deal when buying stuff, therefore, when you have a reason to give out promotion, please do it. This will help you to build new customers and bring the previous customers back to the salon. Some popular promotions are: discount package for the opening week + gift card for the next time, discount package for new customers and for the next time back, happy hours, discounts for holidays…

7. Share promotions on social media

When there is a promotion, you need to share it on all your social media sites. Usually most social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram have advertising tools that help bringing the salon’s promotion to more customers in the area with an affordable cost depending on the goal and the spending ability of the salon owners.

8. Utilize ads on Facebook and Google

Facebook and Google are popular channels that you can use to reach the local customers who live in the area around your nail salon. Both channels allow you to set up ads targeting customers with specific interests or needs in the area. Statistic show that 26% of people who click on the Facebook ads will make a purchase, and the same goes for Google ads. Therefore, when you advertise on these two channels, you not only let the local customers know about your product, but you can also increase your revenue significantly.

9. Know how to retarget ads is an advantage

If a customer visited your website and left, the next time when they visit other websites or social media, your salon’s ad will appear. This is a form of advertising that follows the customers to create awareness and make them interested in the services of the salon. Not only that, the ads also encourage the customers to come back to your website, therefore, it will increase the conversion rates. If you are not familiar with the process, you can ask the advertising company that is working for you to do it.

10. Manage and take care of the customers systematically

“Good wine needs no bush” is still affective, but it is hard to help nail salon to grow sustainably while competing with other salons in the area. Good product is not enough, the salon needs to have a proper customer care. You should at least have some customer information such as name, phone number, date of birth, and the visit times. Most stores nowadays have a software to help them managing those data.

However, in the new business trend, you need to have modern customer management software systems to not only help managing the customers but also send SMS to invite them back after couple days after the visit, send congratulation letter, send survey after each service, and invite happy customers to write online review. Software such as Go Check In will help you to perform those actions very professionally.

11. Before doing marketing outside, start from the inside

Last but not least, before you promote your nail salon to the customers, you need to provide great service in the salon. You may right away think about things that need to be done such as giving out high quality service, having beautiful display, and delicious drink which is great, but it’s not enough! Great customer service mostly come from people. Everything that is related to people in the salon is managed by the owners. If you have a team that works well together, always thinks about the salon, and they are willing to help each other out, then you have a solid internal strength to serve the customers.

Wish you all success in your business.  

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