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In the previous post, 11 great marketing ideas for nail salons, we emphasized the need to manage the social media reviews well. In today’s article, we will discuss how to prevent negative reviews, increase good reviews, and practical tips to raise the stars on Google Reviews.

Why is Google Reviews important to your nail salon?

Google reviews are extremely important – 82% of customers read online reviews before visiting a store in their local area. Among them, 88% of customers trust online reviews as well as referrals from friends and relatives. If the review score is high, your nail salon will have more customers. However, if the score is lower than 4 stars then over 47% of customers will not use the product or service from that salon.

10 Ways to Increase Google Reviews for Nail Salons

Google Reviews are not the only factor that attracts potential customers, but they also play an important role in the algorithm of online search engine like Google. These are 10 ways to help you get good reviews and increase Google rating for your salon.

1. Request your customer directly

The easiest way to get more Google Review is to ask in person. This is usually the best way for you to ask a satisfied customer to write a review. Even if you’re on the phone with a happy customer, be sure to ask them to write a review. Simple, right! Offer it in any situation where you know your customers are happy. You should practice it as a habit in your daily work and remember to train the nail technicians and the receptionist as well.

2. Send SMS

You should text the customers to ask if they are happy with their manicure or pedicure 30 to 60 minutes after they leave the nail salon. If the answer is yes, send them a link to Google for them to review. Please follow this guide to create a review link for your business if you are familiar with setting up online accounts. If you cannot do this yourself, please call the company that is taking care of online advertising for your salon. A correct link when clicking on it will show a review page as shown below:


Increase google rating

                          Fast Boy’s review link when you click on will appear like this.


3. Include links of Google Reviews on printed materials and websites to increase Google Review’s rating

Once you have the Google Reviews link, you should print it on all marketing materials of your business. For example, you can print it behind the name-card, on the front and back page of the brochure, on the bill, and even on the gifts that you give out to your customers. For the convenience of the customers, please convert the link into a QR code. Visitors will access that link by scanning the QR code with the camera on their phone.

You also need to post the review link on your website to have more chance of receiving the customer review. If you cannot do it yourself, then you can ask a website design company or a marketing company to do it for you.

4. Use a review management software

Sending message to each customer can take up a lot of time, and sometimes you will forget to do it especially when the salon is full of customers. In case you cannot send messages yourself, customer managing software such as Go Check In can automatically do it for you. You can check out other software that are used to manage reviews but not specialized for nails business here.

Go Check In will ask the customers to check-in using their phone numbers. After the service, it will send the customers messages to ask whether they are happy with the service, then, it will send them a link to write their review if the answer is yes. Not only that, Go Check In also helps separating unhappy customers and notify the nail salon owners, so the owners can solve the problem in a timely manner. This is an awesome feature to increase your Google Reviews rating!

5. Pursue customers to ask for review

A customer who admires the salon but has not rated yet, even though you already sent them a text message or asked them directly, does not mean that the customer will never write any review. Please remind the customer when possible. Research has shown that a two-step approach always has better result than one step approach. Which means, you can send a second message that has the same content as the first message to the customers after 5 to 7 days to remind them. The continuous communication helps the customers to remember your nail salon and creating more opportunity for them to want to come back.

6. Provide professional feedback to reviewers

Always take the time to answer your customer reviews, both good and bad reviews. If the customers give good review, give them gratitude. If they give bad reviews, follow item 7 below. Google policy also encourages businesses to respond to their customer reviews.

7. Stay calm when receiving bad reviews

Then one day you receive bad review on Google, don’t make excuse, don’t attack them back, you just need to stay calm and respond them in a polite and professional manner, and that can turn a bad review into a not so bad review. This is not only to respond to the reviewer, but it also lets other customers who read the reviews to see how professional the nail salon is; thus, they will have more sympathy with the salon even though the rating is low.


Increase google rating

“The most successful salon in our network is the one that handles online reviews the best. My partner, he cares about both good and bad customer reviews. With bad reviews I usually see him follow through. He even does this when he’s on the company vacations.”
Mr. Thai Tran, owner of Nails of America and Milano Nail Spa


8. Provide professional customer care

The meaning of online review is the rating of customers after they have been exposed and experience the services of the salon. Usually, only when a customer really likes or dislikes, they will be motivated to go online and speak their mind. If your salon has good customer service, you can quickly detect the negative emotions of the customers in order to resolve it.

9. Give the customer some incentives

You value your time, so do your customers. So, make sure you are giving your customers a reason to write their reviews. Some incentives can be giving out coupons, coffee gift cards, or online shopping gift cards.

Some of our salon owners ask their customers to write review, take a photo of the review, and send it through SMS to their salons. Thus, they will receive a coupon for their next service or a Starbuck gift card. This works very well. Remember that giving your customers incentives for their reviews is different from buying fake reviews. It’s a business ethics issue and can cause problem with the salon’s reputation.

10. Give the nail technicians some incentives

Last but not least, the nail technicians are most involved in the review of the salon. We usually care about the skills and the craftsmanship of the nail technicians, yet, we forget that they can also do other thing. In this case, they are the right people to ask the customers to write review for the salon on Google. Therefore, the salon owners should give out incentives when a nail technician is named in a 5-star review, or if they serve the customer on that day.  

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