Go Check In, a very useful nail salon management software, has been using by Mrs. Judy Phung for over 2 years. Mrs. Judy Phung owns 3 nail salons: Avalon Nails Lounge 9111 Farm to Market Rd 723 #350, Richmond, TX 77406; CR Creative Nails 27110 Cinco Ranch Blvd #1600, Katy, TX 77494; and Serenity Nails & PediSpa 10705 Spring Green Blvd #800, Katy, TX 77494.

In the last 5 years, Mrs. Judy Phung has been a regular customer of Fast Boy Marketing. She has used the Fast Boy’s advertising package for her nail salons, which worked very well. However, 2 years ago when she started using Go Check In, she saw that this software gave her even better result. Some of the benefits of Go Check In that Mrs. Judy shared are:

  • The software Go Check In helps nail salon owners to automatically contact their customers.
  • Without Go Check In, usually when the customers are not happy with the nail salon, they would just walk out. The salon owners usually do not notice or do not know the reason why. With Go Check In, the salon owners will be able to know which customers have not come back for a long time or stop coming to the salon, thus, they can actively contact those customers to find out the reason why and how they can solve the problems.
  • Moreover, Go Check In has the function of letting the salon owners to set a time for it to send automatic messages inviting customers to come back to the salon when they have not visited the salon for a while. Likewise, for the customers’ birthday and holidays, Go Check In can send out automatic birthday or holiday wishes through SMS. These types of messages will make the customers feel very touched and happy because their salon cares about them on a personal level.
  • Go Check In also stores information about customers who regularly visit the store into the VIP group. From that the nail salon owners will have a special way of taking care of these customers.
  • Before Go Check In, the number of customer reviews on the salon’s website was not many. In order to have customer reviews, the owners must directly ask the customers. However, Go Check In can automatically ask the customers to rate and write reviews after their service. This helps the salon’s review to increase very quickly, which positively affecting the store’s website to get higher rankings on the Google search page. As the result, the salon owners are able to save time and energy, and have more time to take care of their customers.
  • Along with the function of increasing customer reviews, Go C­heck In separates bad reviews into a different mailbox where only nail salon owners can read them. This helps to prevent bad reviews from being public. After receiving the reviews, the salon owners can take the initiative in apologizing and fixing the problem as soon as possible. When the customers receive the call, they will see that the nail salons really care about them, and they will become less critical next time the salons make a mistake.
  • Go Check In can also connect to smartphones. Because of this useful function, Mrs. Judy Phung can freely manage her nail salons remotely. Whether at home, on vacation, or anywhere that has internet, she will be able to know how many customers she has on that day, or how many appointments are there in the coming days.
  • This is the time of advertising, service delivery, and customer communication through technological means … Go Check In has helped nail salon owners to advertise, communicate, care, spread good reviews, and “navigate” criticism, like an automatic and intelligent assistant.

After using Go Check In, Mrs. Judy Phung says that “This is a “Very Good” nail salon management software!”